What can Wally do?

Simply put

Wally is a simple and uncomplicated kitchen scale with two buttons.

Once you’ve tilted Wally’s bowl down, turn the scale on by pressing the combined on/off/reset button (O).

You can switch units of measurement by pressing the (U) button – and choose between grams (g), ounces (oz), pounds (lb) and milliliters of water (ml).

Wally automatically turns off after not being used for 3 minutes.

Wally with digital superpowers

Almost endless possibilities

Wally can also be connected to your mobile phone or tablet via the WallyScale App, which can be downloaded and installed from the AppStore or GooglePlay.

With the app, you can specify the ingredients you weigh and get a detailed insight into the composition of nutrients in your diet.

1200 ingredients and 200 nutrients

With Wally’s app, you get access to detailed information about the nutrient content of over 1200 different ingredients and foods.

You can save your recipes and use them to learn more about the nutritional content of a single piece of your homemade lasagna.

Examples of what you can do with Wally

Weigh and select your ingredients

Save the ingredient list as a recipe

Get a list of nutritional information

Reuse your recipe with other ingredients

Free delivery in Denmark

2-6 days delivery


Wally has a two-year warranty and
14 days right of withdrawal.


4.3 stars on TrustPilot.
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