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Wally says hello

Hjortekær Danmark ApS has created Wally, your new kitchen companion. With Wally, you can get accurate nutritional information for every ingredient you weigh in a smart way. Cooking and diet planning has never been easier!

When you buy Wally, you get free access to the smart app, the WallyScale app.

When you turn on Wally and open the app for the first time, the devices automatically connect to each other. No more hassle of pairing devices – you’ll be ready to cook and explore new recipes in no time! Give Wally a try and get smart about your cooking!

The WallyScale app is your friend and is available in many languages – free, easy to understand and simple to use. Plus, it unlocks the Danish Technological University Foods’ impressive food database with over 1200 basic foods all analyzed for as many as 200 nutrients. Wally merges the best of Scandinavian design and state-of-the-art software.

All this to take your kitchen work to a new level and pique your curiosity in a meaningful way. We haven’t compromised on quality. Wally is more than just an electronic gadget – it has solid stainless steel mechanical components and a tough construction that can withstand a harsh kitchen environment.

Dealers in Denmark

Copenhagen & Zealand

Frame Studio
Frederiksgade 1
1265 Copenhagen

Unoform Lyngby
Lyngby hovedgade 82
2800 Kongens Lyngby

HW Larsen A / S
Slagterboderne 15-21
1716 København V

HW Larsen A / S
Vallensbækvej 25
2605 Brøndby

Kop og kande Hellerup
Strandvejen 157
2900 Hellerup

Bahne Frederiksberg Centret
FRB.C Shopping
Falkoner Allé 21
2000 Frederiksberg

Bahne Fisketorvet
Kalvebod Brygge 59
1560 København V

Bahne Roskilde
Algade 12
4000 Roskilde

Jutland & Funen

Kop og kande Esbjerg
Kongensgade 76
6700 Esbjerg

Kop og kande Holstebro
Østergade 3
7500 Holstebro

Kop og kande Ringkøbing
Torvet 4
6950 Ringkøbing

Bahne Vejle
Nørregade 16
7100 Vejle

Bahne Hjørring
Østergade 30
9800 Hjørring

Bahne Århus
Bruun’s Galleri
M.P. Bruuns gade 25
8000 Århus C

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or call us +45 61 74 88 10

The story of the Wally & WallyScale app

Hi, my name is Thomas F. Ludwigsen, the brains behind Hjortekær Danmark ApS, where we conjure up Wally and the smart WallyScale app. Throughout my childhood, a Gepo 5000 kitchen scale has hung in the exact same spot in the kitchen of our summer house.

This is where the Wally adventure started back in 2015. I vividly remember stopping and taking the orange weight off the nail and looking at it with my children. A, until this summer day, piece of totally overlooked everyday design – but a childhood icon nonetheless. The reason why I notice the scale must be that I have previously come across the Gepo 5000 at flea markets, etc. In addition, before this vacation I had read about the combination, app-kitchen scale-nutrition.

With that, part of my fate was sealed. Since then, I’ve been obsessed with connecting an updated and modernized Gepo 5000 to a cool, meaningful app.

September 2015 I went on freelancer.com and named the project “Retroscale”. I was looking for freelancers to help me develop logo and name tag. In February 2016, I met David, a designer/graphic artist. From there, the project takes shape and my passion for entrepreneurship is reignited.

After 1000 delays, China, Covid, Suez and later Ukraine, the first batch order lands in Denmark on December 22, 2020.

Lockdown and life as a newly appointed salesperson takes its toll on stubbornness and the cape is frayed at the ends.

Good advice is expensive and calls to join the TV show “The Lion’s Den” seem increasingly tempting. In February 2022, Wally was introduced to all of Denmark by me…! Immediately after his debut on national television, Hjortekær Danmark ApS is once again full of enthusiasm and has a strong belief in the future.

Thomas F. Ludwigsen