• Wally Startguide & Workflow

    Welcome to the Wally app.

    Get a quick overview on how to get the most out of Wally.

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  • Startup

    Open Wally and press O to turn on the scale.

  • Weighing

    Weigh your ingredients by placing them in the bowl.

  • Choose ingredient

    Specify the ingredient by choosing it in the library.

  • Combine ingredients

    Create a list with all the ingredients that makes up your favourite recipe.

  • Nutritional values

    Discover the nutritional values for exactly this amount of the chosen ingredient by tabbing the information icon.

  • Create recipes

    Save the list as a recipe and see the combined nutritional information.

    You can now share the recipe with others.

  • Combine recipes

    Recipes also work as an ingredient.

    Combine recipes to get a detailed overview of the nutritients in your dish.

  • Portion control

    By weighing multiple recipes and other ingredients you can gain portion control and nutritional insight in the food weighed on your plate.

  • Share recipes

    Share your recipes and the nutritional information with your friends.